Covenants & Bylaws

We Protect Our Property Values

Covenants & Restrictions

In March 2020, the Buckhorn Estates neighborhood approved amended and restated covenants. The notarized document was filed with the Hamilton County Recorder’s Office in June 2020. Any person – whether a current owner, prospective owner, or member of the public – may obtain a copy during regular business hours. Additionally, a link to a copy of the notarized document is provided below.

Note that “Buckhorn Estates” does not have the same covenants as “Buckhorn,” because Buckhorn is a separate neighborhood that adjoins ours (and with which we jointly manage a pool).

For the preservation and enhancement of the property values in Buckhorn Estates and for the maintenance and the improvements thereon, each lot is subject to the covenants, restrictions, easements, charges and liens listed here, each of which is for the benefit of the current and future owners.

Other Governing Documents

This neighborhood also uses other governing documents to provide structure and continuity to its operations. Adherence to the procedures helps maintain property values because business is conducted according to specified checks and balances.