About Us

Who, What, Where

Neighborhood name: Buckhorn Estates (Note: the neighborhoods of “Buckhorn” and “Buckhorn Estates” are separate legal entities, with separate governing documents.)
Location of Buckhorn Estates:
 In Carmel, Indiana, north of 136th Street and Smoky Row Elementary School; west of Springmill Road; south of 141st Street; and east of Ditch Road. It is nestled in between the neighborhoods of Cheswick Place and Buckhorn.
Name of Homeowners Association: Buckhorn Estates Association of Homeowners – “BEAH”
Homeowners Association Dues:  $660 for each lot in 2020, but is subject to change each fiscal year
Management Company: BEAH’s financial services are currently under contract with Centerpoint Community Association Management, LLC, located in Carmel, Indiana.

  • Lots: 57 lots, 1 home per lot
  • Streets: Five streets: Brookstone Drive (which crosses into Cheswick Place neighborhood); Deer Lake Drive, Fawn View Drive, Doe Run Drive, and Staghorn Drive
  • Pool: BEAH jointly owns and manages an outdoor pool located in the nearby Buckhorn neighborhood.
  • Other amenities and commonly owned property: Pool grounds, pool parking lot, one large pond


Governing Board: 5 volunteer positions required by Bylaws (up to 7 permitted); 1-year terms, repeatable

2019 Officers & Board Members (Residents, please consult your directory for contact details):
PresidentDavid Anderson
Secretary – René Johnson
Architectural Review Board (ARB) – Keith DeVries, Jim Saas
Pool Chair – Nicole Recker
Treasurer – Ken Boschee (Not a Board Position)

Buckhorn Recreation Incorporated (pool): a volunteer board member works with volunteers from the other joint-owner homeowner association to oversee pool maintenance
Architectural Review Board:  This  volunteer board ensures any significant changes to the look of any lot or structure fits into stated guidelines
Meetings: Annual general meetings used to be held in the Winter, now they are held in the Fall; the Board meets about six or more times each year
Communications: To save paper, email notices and e-newsletters are the primary communication tools.
Directory: A directory is available for current residents only, for their non-commercial use. It is updated throughout the year, as needed.

Committees: Formed as needed/requested for varying lengths of time. Examples include a Social Committee & Neighborhood Watch Committee (Crime Watch). Recently, there have been two governance committees:

Covenants Review Committee:  In 2016, at the direction of the Board, two non-Board residents and the then-current President began a Covenants review with the aid of an attorney and other Board members. The main aims were to update the text in order to (1) reflect that the neighborhood was managed by the homeowners (not the developers), (2) comply with changes in the law, (3) make them easier to read and understand, and (4) address any ongoing & new issues. After the work was completed, the Board scheduled a special neighborhood meeting in March, 2020, to vote upon the recommended improvements. They were approved and filed at Hamilton County’s Recorders Office in June, 2020.

Bylaws Committee: The Bylaws Committee, created in 2015, proposed new bylaws on June 22, 2016, and they were adopted.

Special items to note

  • Trash and recycling services are offered through the city, although a homeowner may opt out and contract with another provider
  • Street snow removal is accomplished via a combination of city services and BEAH-contracted services
  • No lifeguards are used at the pool
  • No swimming, fishing, or skating is allowed on the pond
  • While there is a pond maintenance access easement, there is no access to the pond for the general public

Examples of past social events

Some years have more activities than others, depending on the degree of interest of volunteer residents. In the past, these events have occurred:

  • Halloween events for kids
  • Easter egg hunt for kids
  • Holiday parties for adults
  • Pool parties for adults
  • Adult bunco group
  • Ladies’ luncheons
  • Joint activities with nearby neighborhood